scene 5

Tell me what you like

I need to know what turns you on 

Do you like it rough slow quick dirty

Do you like it with the lights on..

In every room on the ground

Rolling around on my tongue

Tell me what you like

Do you role play or dominate

Deep throat or squirt

Outside inside two at a time

Spanked licked sucked

What makes your body shake

What makes you cum alive

I know what you want

We can do it all night


scene 4

I’m trying to stop myself

but I keep dreaming of what it would be like

to taste your lips

what would your arms feel like

wrapped around mine

what would our hearts sound like

beating in time

would we crash, would we melt, would we fall

into each other

would my sins be any less

if you didn’t belong to another?

scene 2

criss cross criss and crossing

my legs in this meeting

shift shifting in my chair bare

without cause dripping

focused unfocusing listening

as they drone on firing

questions and I’m wondering

why am I even trying

honestly for me mesmerizing

this feeling of waiting

for an eruption to end denying

myself a sa-tisfy-ing

release of orgasmic emoting

two minutes more

then I can turn off my web cam

and take care of thi-

wait no…are you watching..


scene 1

Am I dreaming

Feeling your hand running up my thigh

My back arching and my pussy aches

To feel you there

Kiss me I won’t pinch myself

To wake up here

Without you

Am I dreaming..

Cause I can hear you breathe

And feel you near

Did I lock my doors or my drawers

My folds parted your fingers inserted

Testing and teasing my wetness

Until your lips get jealous

And kiss mine so stickily wet

Savor my sweetness

I don’t care if I’m dreaming

Pressed on your tongue

The way I’ve longed to cum.