Some day I hope that I’ll tell you finally

and maybe it won’t matter

time passing by is a struggle to hold

maybe we’ll be drunk

or just very very old

and I’ll tell you finally

what I’ve wanted to say all along

that running wasn’t for sport

but insecurity led to doubt

and fear is a hell of a friend

I’ll say what I should’ve shown

and lose what I never owned

but it’ll be easier then to do this

when it won’t matter

or at least be better

one day when last becomes first again.


scene 4

I’m trying to stop myself

but I keep dreaming of what it would be like

to taste your lips

what would your arms feel like

wrapped around mine

what would our hearts sound like

beating in time

would we crash, would we melt, would we fall

into each other

would my sins be any less

if you didn’t belong to another?